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BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

In Scotland, voting has just ended in a referendum on independence. There appears to be a high turnout with long queues at polling stations. Voters have had to choose between saying 'Yes' for independence from the rest of Britain or 'No' if they wish to remain within the union. Colin Blane reports.
After the most extraordinary political campaign Scotland has ever seen, canvassers and activists can do no more. The polls have closed. Turnout is expected to be extremely high. And analysts will be watching each local authority counter as it comes in looking for signs of how this cliff-hanger of a contest may be going. Bookmakers have reported a rush of bets for 'Yes,' but they still have 'No' the odds-on favours to win. There has been one hitch on the counting time table - Stornoway Airport has closed by fog. So ballot boxes from Barra will have to come to the count by boat and road. It means the Western Isle's declaration which was expected to be airily will now be one of the last.