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The US Attorney General Eric Holder has authorized a further post-mortem examination on Michael Brown, the black Missouri teenager who was shot by a police officer a week ago sparking violent protests. An initial autopsy, the day after the shooting, concluded that he died of gunshot wounds.

A German man who holds the world record for having the most body piercings has been refused entry to Dubai, after traveling there to make an appearance at a hotel night club. Rolf Buchholz has 453 piercings on his body and face. Mr. Buchholz, is reported to say he was never given an official reason for being barred. But airport workers told him hed been turned away because authorities feared he may practice black magic. BBC news.


一持有最多身体穿孔世界记录的德国男子在迪拜遭到拒绝入境,他抵达迪拜是为了在一酒店夜店登台演出。罗尔夫·布霍兹身上和脸上共有453处小孔。据报道,布霍兹还未收到被禁止入境的官方解释。但机场工作人员表示,当局因害怕他施黑暗魔法而拒绝其入境。BBC 新闻。