to do 还是to doing?

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 英语中,有动词不定式“to do”这一说法。那么,遇到object to 或者be used to,我们是不是也想当然地说成We object to do thisWe are used to do it?然并卵!这里的to不是不定式to,而是介词to。因此,其后应该跟名词、代词,或者是动词的分词doing形式。那么,到底哪些情况是用to doing 形式呢?请听小编为大家细细道来~~~

1. 动词+介词to

  该类搭配主要有add to, agree to, adhere to, admit to, amount to, come to, object to, submit to等等。

  Her father doesnt consent to her leaving China. 她父亲并不赞同她离开中国。

  Jack admitted to having broken the window. 杰克承认打破了窗户。

2. 动词+名词/代词+介词to

  该类搭配有,,,,, resign...to等等。

  Lucy attributes her success to working hard. 路西将她的成功归因于努力工作。

  The teacher devoted her life to teaching children. 这位老师一生都致力于孩子的教育。

3. 动词+-ed 分词+介词to

  这类搭配有be used to, be accustomed to, be devoted to...

  He is used to getting up early. 他习惯早起。

  The boy was reduced to begging for money. 这个男孩沦落为乞丐。

4. 动词+副词+介词to

  这类搭配常见的有face up to, look forward to, get down to, get round to等等。

  I am looking afterward to hearing from you soon. 我期待尽快收到你的来信。

  Stop talking, and get down to doing your homework. 别讲话了,开始认真做作业。

5. 形容词+介词to

  这类搭配有loyal to, similar to, superior to, sensitive to, equal to等等。

  This is similar to playing basketball. 这跟打篮球是相似的。

  He is equal to managing the company. 他能胜任公司的管理。

6. 名词+介词to

  该类搭配主要有answer to, key to, indifference to, obstacle to, aid to等等。

  You dont need to worry about the obstacle to finishing the task. 你不需要担心完成这个任务所遇到的障碍。

  You dont understand the key to solving this problem. 你不明白解决问题的关键。

7. to 结尾的复杂介词:

  这类复杂介词有according to, thanks to, in addition to, in relation to, with a view to, owing to 等等。

  In addition to visiting a museum, they also went to a park. 除了参观博物馆,他们还去了一座公园。

  I succeeded at last owing to solving the most difficult problem first. 我最后成功的原因在于我最先解决了最难的问题。 

  因此,要辨识to do 还是to doing,最直接的方法就是熟悉这些常见的含有介词to的搭配,这样问题就能迎刃而解了~~~