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Egyptian led efforts to mediate indirect talks between the Palestinians and Israelis over the Gaza conflict are continuing in Cairo. Theres, so far, been no sign of a breakthrough with the five-day truce currently enforced in Gaza set to expire in a little over 24 hours. Before the talks resumed, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there would be no agreement on a long-term ceasefire unless Israel security needs were clearly met.

埃及努力倡导巴以就加沙冲突的非直接对话在开罗继续。 现今在加沙实施的五天的休战协议将在未来24时内到期,但目前此次对话毫无进展。谈话恢复前,以色列总理本杰明内塔尼亚胡表示,除非满足以色列的明确安全需求,否则长期停火协议免谈。