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231.replace v. 取代

The White House is searching for a new World Bank president to replace Lewis Preston, who is stepping down because of illness.


232.resemble v. 像

Ask Bill Gates about something he wants to talk aboutand he acts like the teenage boy that he still resembles. He grins. His voice breaks.


233.grin v. 露齿而笑

234.resent v. 愤恨

While many of Clintons closest advisers resent Morrisgrowing influence, he has his admirers in the White House … 


235.reside v. 居住


With Java, data and programsdont have to be stored on you computer anymore. They can reside anywhere on the Internet, called up by whoever needs them, whenever they need them.


236.resort v. 诉诸,动用

There is no right to resort to violence when you dont get your way.


237.restore v. 恢复

Mexican President Ernesto Zedillos plan to restore stability to his countrys wounded economy was rejected by investors for its lack of specific remedies, causing the peso to fall to a record low against the dollar by weeks end.


238.resume v. 在中断之后重新开始


A network of satellite-linked computer systems will guide the car safely to exit, at which point the driver will resume control to the final destination.


239.revive v. 复兴

To revive the ancient tradition, 129 members of the U.N. General Assembly co-sponsored a resolution calling for a worldwide cease-fire during the 17 days of the Altanta Olympics.


240.rush v. 匆促行事


No wonder nation-states are rushing to get their levers of control into cyberspace while less than 1% of the worlds population is online.