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211.outrage v. 使……愤慨

Outraged cyber purists responded by deluging Siegel and Canter with angry E-mail messages, following them with a steady stream of abuse as they fled from one electronic home to another.


注: abuse n. 辱骂,谩骂

212.overhaul v. 翻修

Gore has also shouldered thankless but meaty tasks that give him something to attend to besides foreign funerals: reinventing government, overhauling telecommunications law, smoothing relations with Moscow.


注: shoulder v. 负起(责任),担任(工作);thankless adj. 吃力不讨好的,有功无赏的; 

meaty adj. 角色吃重的,内容丰富的;smoothe v. 使平滑,是顺利

213.oversee v. 监督


My emphasis now, ”says Anwar Ibrahim, the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister who is overseeing the financing for all the projects… ”is on the financial services and foreign media.”


214.overwhelm v. 压倒


And then came the death of Princess Di, the response to which was at once overwhelming and bewildering.


215.perceive v. (把……)视为

A major problem, say nutrition experts, is that most people perceive their diets as temporary restrictions imposed from outside.


216.plague v. 使……困扰,使……烦恼

Growing inventories have plague retailers too since they stocked up in anticipation of a strong Christmas season.


注: inventory n. 存货清单

217.ponder v. 思索

【同】contemplate reflect upon

During a break in filming Broken Arrow, …Woo casts his eye over the hundreds of technicians and ponders the contrasts in movie-making between Asia and America.


218.pose v. 造成,引起

The new legislation poses huge problems for some states, such as California… 


219.preserve v. 保存

【同】conserve maintain 【反】destroy

Today, a handful of dedicated naturalists are giving time, money and even the occasional home mortgage to help preserve a different kind of horse --- the seahorse.


220.prevail v. 胜过,占优势

【同】triumph be victorious

Microsoft could still prevail, in court and in the market, but it will not escape unscathed.


注:unscathed adj. (肉体上、名誉上)未受伤的