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201.issue v. 发行


On Nov.21, Free as a Bird will be issued as part of The Beatles Anthology Volume 1.


202.justify v. 证明……为合理

According to a White House source, the Clinton Administration doesnt feel the changes in Cuba have been substantial enough to justify a diplomatic rapprochement… 


注: rapprochement n. 建交或复交

203.launch v. 1. 发动,展开(攻击等);2. 发售,推出(新产品)

【同】1. start

Democrats too have launched a guerrilla operation to snag women in this presidential election.


注: snag v. (口语)抓取

204.lift [lɪft] v. 撤除,解除

It is an article of faith in Havana that if only Washington would lift the 33-year-old trade embargo, a vast infusion of American cash would rescue Cubas economy.


注: an article of faith 信条;embargo v. 禁运;infusion n. 注入

205.maintain v. 坚称


The key to success, Akimoto and other cable executive maintain, is to provide customers with local telephone service practically free of charge, a come-on that has worked well for cable companies in Britain.


注: come-on n. 招揽顾客的方式

206.merge v. 合并

Viacom, Paramounts preferred suitor, announced an agreement to merge with video rental giant Blockbuster Entertainment.


注: suitor n. 求婚者

207.muster v. 召集

【同】summon gather

But all he could muster on the House floor were 30 votes, mostly from congressional nobodies like himself.


208.navigate v. 航行于,行进于

Once their link to the Net is established, viewers will, in theory, be able to navigate Websites with their trusty remotes as easily as they now surf TV channel.


209.negotiate, v. 谈判;通过谈判达成,谈成

Veterans can negotiate their own contracts as free agents, while young players must accept what their team pays them as long as it meets the minimum salary.


210.observe v. 遵守,举行


After obtaining the three signatures requiredfrom his own doctor, a cancer specialist and a psychiatristand observing the nine-day cooling-off period, Dent was free to choose the time of his own passing.


注: cooling-off period 做重大决定前用来冷却激情的一段时间