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191.hug v. 拥抱


Reading to a child while touching, hugging and holding him or her can be a wonderful antidote to the impersonal tendencies of the information age… 


注: impersonal adj. 无人情味的

192.identify v. 指认

A single mother receiving state welfare who wont help identify the father of her child will lose at least 25% of her benefits.


193.ignore v. 忽视

【同】disregard overlook

No traditional toy company today can ignore computer technology.


194.implement v. 实行

【同】carry out

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright referred ominously to the importance of implementing a half-forgotten 1995 auto trade agreement.


195.impose v. (将义务、惩罚)加于……

Moving through the U.S. Congress right now is a telecommunications-reform bill that would impose fines of as much as $100000 forindecencyin cyberspace.


196.infect v. 使感染

Doctors at UCLA announced that a five-year-old boy, infected with HIV at birth, has been symptom-free ever since.


197.inspire v. 引发,导致

None of the years mass responses could hold a candle in scope and complexity to astonishing grief inspired by Princess Dianas car-accident death, of course.


注: to hold a candle to 与……相比;scope n. 范围

198.install v. 安装,设立

The fastest international link ever installed, this pipeline could be the first step toward laying a permanent network that will eventually hard wire every nation in the world into the Internet.


199.institute v. 设置

Mindful of the burnout suffered by child prodigies…, the W.T.A. has instituted new age restrictions; players 14 and under are barred from tour events, and players 15 to 17 will be gently introduced to topflight competition.


注: to be mindful of 留心……的;to suffer burnout 由于太快走红或太早成功导致在专业生涯初期就已油尽灯枯、江郎才尽;topflight adj. 一流的,高级的

200.invade v. 侵略

After the virus infects the cells of the respiratory system and begins replicating, neuraminidase cuts the newly formed copies free to invade other cells.


注:replicate v. 复制;neuraminidase n. 身精氨酸酵素,为病毒在人体内散播其复制体时所需要的酵素。