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181.flourish v. 兴盛,繁荣,蓬勃发展

【同】thrive 【反】decline

Malaria, for example, has been flourishing in recent years owing to unusually hot weather.


182.forge v. 制造出

In 1992 the board, looking to forge a new image for the company, eased him out as chairman despite his lobbying to stay on a few more years.


注: to ease out 把…悄悄打发走;lobby v. 游说,疏通

183.frustrate v. 使挫折

For the Republicans in the House, the past two months have been a frustrating lesson in the meaning of checks and balances.


184.fuel v. 添加燃料,助长


The shocking 1995 rape of a 12-year-old Okinawan girl by U.S. servicemen fueled deep-seated resentment felt by residents toward the continued presence of 47000 U.S. troops… 


注: resentment n. 不满,愤恨

185.fund v. 资助

S. Fred Singer, president of the industry-funded Science and Environment Policy Project, argues that Epstein and his colleagues fail to note the positive health benefits of warmer nights and winters.


186.fuss v. 烦恼,烦忧


Selling goods abroad has been such a vital part of Asian miracle that the region fusses over export statistics the way other cultures follow sports scores.


187.generate v. 发(电)


The energy of the flywheel is stored in this rapid rotation, which generates electricity on demand.


188.halt v. 停止

Workers finally abandoned their search for the last two missing bodies in the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building; soon the FBI too will halt its search of the dangerously unstable structure.


注: rubble n. 瓦砾残堆

189.herald v. 作先锋,预告

In 1985 Chens Yellow Earth, in a sensational debut at the Hong Kong Film Festival, heralded the emergence of a pristine, passionate intelligence in cinema from the Peoples Republic.


sensational adj. 轰动的;pristine adj. 质朴的,为首玷污的

190.host v. 主办

CyberCash launches CyberCoins with a respectable roster of partners: some 30 Web hosting companies will offer CyberCash to their client sites, and by years end CyberCash expects about 100 Web sites to take them up on it.


注: respectable adj. (数量等)可观的;roster n. 登记簿,名册