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161.diagnose v. 诊断

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991, Dent began his journey to death several weeks ago.


162.dismiss v. 轻视,忽略


Some educators dismiss as simplistic and overdone the nation that girls eagerly await suchfemininesoftware as Barbie CD-ROMS.


注: overdone adj. 太过火的,太过度的

163.displace v. 撤换,强迫迁居

Knight, however, does not believe empires last forever. Business cycles will displace front-runners, even Nike.


注: front-runner n. 比赛中有希望夺标的人

164.distinguish v. 区分,分辨

【同】tell apart differentiate

Although this antibody treatment cannot distinguish between normal and misbehaving T cells, the gambit has proved successful.


165.document v. 用文件或文献记录

Theres no documented evidence it had any value to the intelligence community.


166.duplicate v. 复制

The suspicion that there were subversives in the atomic weapons program was encouraged by the Sovietsability to produce their own atom bomb four years after Oppenheimers success at Los Alamos, then to duplicate the H-bomb a mere nine months after the first thermonuclear explosion by the U.S.


注: subversive n. 破坏者,颠覆分子

167.echo v. 回响

【同】resound reverberate

If there is no tree, how will the soil hold the water?” The question echoes across a subcontinent.


168.eliminate v. 消除

In just six months, Gates has refocused the work force onto Net-related projects, mercilessly eliminated a dozen others that were Holy Grails a year ago, and geared up an Internet-content group that will spend tens of millions of the dollars this year


注: Holy Grail 传说为耶稣最后晚餐时所用的圣杯,因此成为中世纪武士一生追寻的圣物,引申为最崇高神圣的目标;to gear up 准备就绪

169.embrace v.(欣然)接受,采取

In the end, Dole and Dominici are likely to embrace at least some tax cuts to go along with deep cuts in spending.


170.endorse v. 宣传,赞同,支持

By paying Jordan and other athletes millions to endorse his shoes, the chairman and chief executive of Nike has helped turn them into household names and shaped sports to his liking.