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151.credit v. 褒奖

DIA credited psychics with creating accurate pictures of Soviet submarine construction hidden from U.S. spy satellites … 


注: psychic n. 灵媒

152.curb v. 限制,规范,克制

【同】check restrain

When a company gets to be big enough, it either curbs its youthful ways or it invites the kind of scrutiny Microsoft is now getting.


153.demonstrate v. 显示


The fossil demonstrates that brooding behavior evolved long before there were birds.


154.deprive v. 剥夺

Those who have escaped the region [ Haiti ] claim the army has conducted a scorched-earth policy in an attempt to deprive [ the ousted President ] Aristides allies of their food and livelihood.


注: scorch v. 使烧焦; oust v. 逐出

155.detect v. 发现,检测到

More important, over the past four years the scientists have not been able to detect even a trace of HIV in the childs system.


157.deteriorate v. 恶化


The paranoia is so deep,” says Jay Printz, sheriff of Ravalli County, Montana, another hotbed of militia activity. “I just hope it doesnt deteriorate into armed confrontations. ”


注: hotbed v. (罪恶等的)温床

158.devastate v. 彻底破坏

【同】ravage wreck

Damming rivers for hydro power plants has devastated river systems, submerged farmland and displaced thousands of people.


注: submerge v. 淹没

159.devote v. 致力于,献身于


In 1902, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen and other now venerated American photographers formed a group devoted to convincing doubters that photography was a worthy form of artistic expression.


注: venerate v. 敬重,崇拜