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131.claim v. 声称


In fact, authorities claim that one-third of Taiwans more than 1200 knownblack societieswere dissolved during the amnesty


132.collapse v. 崩溃,倒塌

As baby boomers save for retirement, colleges for the kids or a rainy day (say, when the U.S. Social Security system collapses), their investment rates will soar


注: a rainy day 将来可能有的苦日子

133.collide [kə?laɪd] v. 碰撞

【同】crash into

Traveling at speeds of 130,000 m.p.h., mountain size fragments of the comet Shoemarker-Lavy 9 tore huge holes in Jupiters atmosphere throughout the week, giving astronomers a glimpse of the titanic forces released when celestial objects collide


注: titanic n. 巨大的

134.command [kə?mænd] v. 博得(尊敬)

Along with enthusiasm, sumo commands a large measure of reverence


135.compel v. 逼迫

They tried to push me, a Russian general, to shoot my own people in the capital of my own state. No such force exists that would compel me to do this


136.compromise v. 承认

If they think I am prepared to compromise, theyre in fantasy land


137.concede  v. 承认

【同】admit acknowledge

After three decades of spraying fire-ant territory with the killer compounds, however, the U.S. government was forced to concede defeat


注: compound n. 化合物

138.condemn v. 谴责

【同】denounce 【反】praise endorse

Washington has been urging Arafat to condemn the terrorism


139.conduct v. 经营,处理,进行

【同】carry out

The project, called the New Economic Equation, conducted focus groups around the U.S. with men and women on all rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.


注: rung n. (社会上的)阶层

140.confront v. 面对,对抗


Its hard to love someone who we see as an enemy, someone who kills children for profit. But God says we must love our enemies. Loving them means we must confront them with the truth of their sin