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120.appreciate v. 喜欢

Patients appreciate the service, and the physicians seem to enjoy providing it


121.arouse v. 引起

Any stranger who wanted to buy a large amount of ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil) would immediately arouse suspicion.


122.assemble  v. 组合


Prosecutors sought to assemble a detailed chronology of the murder night with a parade of witnesses… 


注: chronology n. (事件)发生过程的记载

123.assert  v. 主张、断言,宣称


Finally, since quantum physics asserts that matter and energy are interchangeable, we are not individual beings at all but merely local expressions of an infinite, universal field of energy


124.assign  v. 指派

The new top officer of the Navypromised to speed up plans to assign women to all surface vessels and perhaps even allow them aboard submarines, the Navys last all-male bastion.


注: bastion n. 强力护卫某习俗或观念的体制或组织,堡垒

125.associate  v. 将……联想在一起

Comets have long been associated with war, upheaval and disaster


125.assure v. 保证


But even such battle-hardened successes do not assure victory for AmEx in its quest to reclaim the top standing it lost in 1989 in the $562 billion credit-card industry


126.ban [bæn] v.&n. 禁止

【同】v. prohibit bar

Beijing bans overseas exhibits of pre-Ming dynasty paintings and calligraphy because of the extreme vulnerability of the ancient brocade, silk and paper


注: vulnerability n. 脆弱,易受伤害

127.betray v. 背叛

They take a soap-opera plotbetrothed teenager falls for stranger, perfect mother is betrayed by her neighbors, ex-prostitute tries to live an honorable life … 


注: plot n. (小说等的)情节,构想; betrothed adj. 已订婚的

128.boast  v. 夸耀

Boasts Mayor Bill Campbell:” During the Olympics Atlanta will be the safest city in this country, certainly, and on the globe, probably.”


129.champion  v. 提倡


Psychiatrist Brian Weiss is perhaps the most exotic. He champions reincarnation therapy.


130.characterize v. 有……特征


I cant characterize my music as religious, although religious music is very close and dear to me,” says Kancheli, a devout Orthodox Christian.