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 91.staggering adj. 令人惊愕的


The Popes literary output is staggering. His letters, sermons and speeches fill nearly 150 volumes.(TIME, Dec.26, 1996, p.60)


91.strapped (for cash) adj. 身无分文的,囊中羞涩的

Because of reduced oil prices and Gulf War debt, Saudi Arabia is so strapped for cash that it barely met the deadline for its latest $375 million payment on its U.S. weapons contracts.(TIME, Mar.14, 1994, p.21)


92.subject (to) adj. 受……支配的,受……影响的

Offers of assistance from 60 countries, the U.N. and the World Health Organization poured in. Some were subject to endless bureaucratic wrangling. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.15)来自60个国家、联合国、世界卫生组织的援助大量涌入,但有些援助却受制于该国官场里无穷无尽的争执。 

注: wrangling n. 争论、争执

93.substantial adj. 大量的,重大的

【同】significant 【反】insubstantial

In 1994, when he was 23, he plowed his substantial savings into creating WARP, to develop and publish video games. (TIME, Apr. 14, 1997, p.35)


注: to plow into: 投(资本)入

94.subtle adj. 隐晦的,不明显的,难以捉摸的

【反】blatant  obvious

Even when it seems beyond the reach of any one government, electronic information can be controlled, in ways both subtle and obvious. (TIME, Aug.19, 1996, p.52)表面上看来电子资讯好像任何政府都管不了,其实还是可以控制,控制的手法有些隐蔽,有些则很明显。

95.sweeping adj. 全面的,大规模的,影响深远的


A House subcommitteewill vote next week on the Smoke-Free Environment Act, perhaps the most sweeping antismoking legislation Congress has ever seriously considered.(TIME, Apr.18, 1994, p.58)


96.tangible adj. 可触到的,有形的

In fact, compared with more tangible assaults on the Presidents characternamely Paula Jonespending sexual-harassment lawsuit and the federal investigation into Whitewaterwords in a book can barely hurt him. (TIME, Feb.13, 1995, p.27)


97.thriving  adj. 兴盛的

Most countries offer few opportunities for female soccer players, but Norway has a thriving womens professional league, and the U.S. a burgeoning co-ed youth soccer movement.(TIME, June 3, 1996, p.17)


注: co-ed adj. 男女皆收的,为coeducational之略

98.tremendous adj. 巨大的


Some 65 million years ago, a comet or asteroid at least five miles wide struck the earth and blasted out a tremendous crater. (TIME, Jan.9, 1995, p.59)


99.tricky adj. 棘手的


Getting in and out of the fast lanes is always tricky even today. It will be even trickier when you have to change lanes and hand off control to the computer at the same time.(TIME, Nov.4, 1996, p.53)


100.unanimous  adj. 意见一致的

The 1993 Supreme Court decision was not unanimous. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.66)