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61.obsolete [?ɑbsəˏlit] adj. 落伍的,过时的


Indeed, your average computer is virtually obsolete by the time it is skipped from the factory to the retail store. (TIME, Nov.11, 1996, p.16)


62.ominous [?ɑmənəs] adj. 不吉祥的,不详的


Observers are not surprised that business is flourishing despite the ominous political situation.

(TIME, Feb.12, 1996, p.18)


63.ostensiblys?tɛnsəblɪ] adv. 表面上

At 3:33 a.m., it touched down at Marseilles, ostensibly for a refueling stop.

(TIME, Jan.9, 1955, p.54)


64.outspoken [aʊt?spokən] adj. 率直的,不客气的


When he (Magic Johnson) tried to make a comeback in the fall of ’92, the fears of some outspoken N.B.A. players forced him to call it off. (TIME, Feb.12, 1996, p.39)


【注】 comeback n. 东山再起,卷土重来

65.pending [?pɛndɪŋ] adj. 审理中的,悬而未决的;即将发生的

According the chairman, there are dozens of suits pending against the company.

(TIME, June 5, 1995, p.46)


66.perpetual [pɚ?pɛtʃʊəl] adj. 永久的

【同】permanent continual

California, locked in a perpetual automotive smog, requires that by 2003, 10% of the cars offered for sale in the state produce zero emissions… (TIME, Sept.23, 1996, p.41)


67.persistent adj. 固执的,顽固的

A small but persistent group of critics, many of them supported by the oil and coal industries, still dont buy it. (TIME, July 8, 1996, p.41)


68.persuasive [pɚ?swesɪv] adj. 有说服力的

Could it be that religious faith has some direct influence on physiology and health? Harvards Herbert Benson is probably the most persuasive proponent of this view.

(TIME, June 24, p.40)


69.pervasive [pɚ?vesɪv] adj. 遍布的

The local U.S. attorney, Eddie Jordan, has called corruption in the (police) departmentpervasive, rampant and systemic.” (TIME, Mar.20, 1995, p.45)


【注】 systemic adj. (毒物、疾病等)影响全身的

70.phony [fonɪ] adj. 伪造的

A police raid on a Tokyo trading company netted 2000 pieces of counterfeit Nike merchandise, including phony Air Maxes. (TIME, Oct.7, 1996, p.12)

警方突袭东京一贸易公司,搜出2000件耐克产品的赝品,其中包括Air Maxes运动鞋的仿冒品。

【注】 net v. 捕获; counterfeit adj. 伪造的