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51.immense adj. 巨大的


His influence in the 1980s was so immense that Taiwanese distributors once asked a Hong Kong director if there was a role in a film for Chow Yun-fat, and if there wasnt, theyd commit to a deal. (TIME, May 6, 1996, p.62)


【注】 to commit (oneself) to…答应,保证

52.imminent adj. 迫近的,即将发生的

The time will come when the U.S. will subside to become but one of many Great Powers. It is inevitable, but it is not imminent. (TIME, Aug.4, 1997, p.21)


【注】 subside v. 消退

53.inaugural adj. 就职的

After the oath, he gave an inaugural address designed to reach out to all Americans, to rally the nation to work together for a great common future. (TIME, Jan.16, 1995, p.24)


54.indifferent adj. 漠不关心的


Chechen militiamen hiding around the corner are indifferent to the Russians fate.

(TIME, Jan.16, 1995, p.46)


【注】 around the corner 在近处的,即将发生的

55.intact adj. 完好如初的 

【同】in one piece

But psychologists, psychiatrists and other scientists are bitterly divided over the idea that the memory of repeated abuse can be completely wiped out and then recovered, virtually intact.

(TIME, Apr.17, 1995, p.54)


56.lingering adj. 流连不去的

What remains largely unspoken is the lingering hope that such a mission might experience, somewhere beneath the desolate Martian surface, a close encounter with organisms that are alive today. (TIME, Aug.19, 1996, p.44)


57.mean adj. 卑劣的

This bill is mean. It is downright low-down. What does it profit a great nation to conquer the world, only to lose its soul? (TIME, Aug.12, 1996, p.25)


【注】 downright adv. 十足地,彻头彻尾的;

low-down adj. (口语)低贱的,卑鄙的

58.mutual adj. 相互的,共有的

That audience was amazing,” he says. “They were so sweet. They were bathing us in affection.” To prove the feeling is mutual, he heads back out into the spotlight. (TIME, Nov.11, 1996, p.16)


59.namely adv. 即,就是

【同】that is

Namely, he fails to take into account Quittners Law, which says: It is impossible to pay less than $3000 for this years computer. (TIME, Nov.11, 1996, p.26)


60.obscure adj. 默默无闻的


Hed met Marc Andreessen, who as an undergraduate programmer had helped create the then obscure browsing software Mosaic, which made it easy to navigate the World Wide Web.

(TIME, June 17, 1996, p.16)