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21.crucial adj. 关键的,重大的


Understanding social cues, creating works of art and spawning inventions are all crucial mental tasks that bear little relationship to how well a person can fill in a printed test form

(TIME, Sept. 11, 1995, p.60)


22.cunning adj. 狡猾的,精明的


Perhaps the most cunning Disney trick is to take fairy tales in the public domain and reinvent them as corporate property. A billion-dollar example is Beauty and the Beast

(TIME, May 2, 1994, p.72)


23.dazzling adj. 令人目眩神移的


With computers doubling in speed and power every couple of years and with genetic engineerings dazzling feats growing more and more routine, the battered American faith in technologic progress has been growing stronger and giddier of late. (TIME, May 27, 1996, p.67)


【注】 batter v. 连番猛击,毒打

24.dedicated adj. 专注的

In Singapore, dedicated Net users are planning to maintain unfettered access by jumping borders and dialing services in neighboring Malaysia. (TIME, Sept.23, 1996, p.27)


25.desperate adj. 迫切的

Bereft of patrons, desperate to rescue his economy, Fidel Castro turns to an unusual solution:…

(TIME, Feb.20, 1995, p.50)


【注】 to be bereft of 丧失(希望、喜悦等)

26.determined adj. 坚定的

Author Joe Kane came across a determined priest, a Spaniard who had spent years teaching a tribe of hunter gatherers, the Huaorani, how to survive outside their rainforest habitat.

(TIME, Mar.25, 1996, p.70)


27.disabled adj. 残障的


Seven years ago, Dole spoke about the need toprovide care and assistance for the hungry and the homeless and the disabled.” Nothing resembling that was heard last week.

(TIME, Apr.24, 1995, p.52)


28.disastrous adj. 灾情惨重的


The Kobe quake was only slightly bigger than the Northridge tremor but more disastrous.

(TIME, Jan.30, 1995, p.34)


29.distinct adj. 不易混淆的,独特的

Many scientists consider the Khoisan a distinct race of very ancient organ

(TIME, Jan.16, 1995, p.54)


30.dominant adj. 主宰的,强势的


Now as then, the splintering of a Saddam-less Iraq would leave Iran the dominant gulf power, an unpalatable solution. (TIME, Sept.23, 1996, p.35)


【注】 splinter v. 使分裂; unpalatable adj. 不好吃的,令人不快的