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01. accustomed'kʌstәmd] adj. 习惯于 
Even if they are willing to make the sacrifice in dollars, whether Americans will give up long accustomed personal liberties is another question.(TIME, May 1,1995,p.68) 
02. affluent ['æfluәnt] adj. 富裕的 
【同】prosperous, wealthy【反】poor
Leeson and his wife Lisa never really seemed to fit into the affluent, neon-colonial life-style of Singapore or into the citys multi-ethnic society.( TIME, Mar.13,1995,p.40) 
03. ambiguousm?bɪgjuəs]adj. 模棱两可的,暧昧的
【同】vague【反】obvious, clear
Truman got the Korean War because he was ambiguous, and Saddam took Kuwait because Bush didnt sayNostraight out. (TIME, Feb.19,1996, p.36) 
注释:straight out 率直地

04. anonymous [ə?nɑnəməs] adj. 匿名的,不知名的
【反】known, named
So he went on his own fact-finding mission, leaning heavily on a 49-page white paper submitted last month by three anonymous high-tech firms. (TIME, Feb.27, 1995, p.31) 
05. appropriate [ə?proprɪˏet] adj. 适宜的 
So any protein that dissolves new blood vessels may not be appropriate for younger women who have not yet entered menopause. (TIME, Jan.9, 1996, p.60) 
06. at staket stek] 危急存亡关头的,有可能丧失或受损的 
【同】at risk
At a news conference,(U.S. Undersecretary of Defense) Perry declared that the credibility of the international community (NATO) was at stake. (TIME, June 5,1995, p.38) 
07. available [ə?veləbl] adj. (物)可取得的,可买到的;(人有空)可见面的,可参加的
Most of the (smart) cards available in Atlanta will be worth between $10 and $50 and will be usable instead of cash at as many as 5000 “points of purchasethroughout the city. (TIME, Jan.8, 1996, p.13) 
08. bear [bɛr] adj. (股市)看跌的,熊市的
Meanwhile, pundits who do make a bear stand dont last. (TIME, Mar.3, 1997, p.53) 
09. bilateral [bai'lætәrәl] adj. 双边的
He would halt bilateral contact with North Korea until Pyongyang resumed negotiations with South Korea. (TIME, July 8, 1996, p.29) 
10. bland [blænd] adj. 平淡无奇的
As a result news coverage tends to be bland. (TIME, Feb.10, 1997, p.56)