High Street到底是怎样的街道?

来源:英语点津 2019-02-23

常见英文媒体报道,说中国游客如何在英国的High Street购物。High Street是指“高档街”吗?其他国家有没有这样的街道呢?我们今天就来了解一下。

High Street (or the High Street) is a metonym for the generic name of the primary business street of towns or cities, especially in the United Kingdom. It is usually a focal point for shops and shopkeepers in city centers, and is most often used in reference to retailing.

High Street(或the High Street)是城镇主要商业街通用的一个转喻说法,可以直接称为“商业街”,在英国尤为常用High Street通常是市中心商店和商家最集中的地方,也经常被用来指代零售业。

The equivalent in the United States, Canada and Ireland is Main Street, a term also used in smaller towns and villages in Scotland and parts of rural Australia. In Jamaica, North East England and some sections of Canada and the United States, the main commercial district is Front Street. (Source: Wikipedia)

在美国、加拿大和爱尔兰则多用Main Street来指代商铺集中的商业街,苏格兰一些小乡镇和澳大利亚部分郊区也用这个说法。在牙买加、英格兰东北部以及加拿大和美国部分地区,主要的商业区则用Front Street表示。(英语点津)