name dropping自抬身价or降低身价?

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name dropping自抬身价or降低身价?

我们身边有些人从来都不把明星当外人,一说起来就感觉这些明星都是他家邻居,要不就是他的“发小”。在熟人中间,这样的做法一般都不会得到什么好脸色,可要是在一堆陌生人中间,左一个“我发哥”,又一个“我本山大叔”这么name dropping,没准真有人被唬了呢。

Name dropping is the practice of mentioning important people or institutions within a conversation, story, song, online identity, or other communication.

Name dropping指在谈话、故事、歌曲、网络身份或者其它交流中提及重要人物或机构的行为,暂译为“拽人名”。

Name dropping is used to position oneself within a social hierarchy. It is often used to create a sense of superiority by raising one's status. By implying (or directly asserting) a connection to people of high status, the name-dropper hopes to raise his or her own social status to a level closer to that of those whose names he or she has dropped, and thus elevate himself or herself above, or into, present company.


Name dropping can also be used to identify people with a common bond. By indicating the names of people one knows, one makes known his or her social circle, providing an opportunity for others with similar connections to relate.