来源:Xinhua 2019-03-08

F1 world champion Schumacher in "coma" after injured in ski: media

7届F1世界冠军舒马赫上周日在法国滑雪时摔倒,头部撞上岩石受伤。据法国RMC电台的消息报道称,事情发生在当地时间11:00~11:15之间,摔倒的地点位于红道和蓝道交汇处,德国车王当时佩戴有头盔,并无其他人员卷入事故。警方初步调查的原因是技术失误(technical fault)。

PARIS, Dec. 29  -- The F1 world champion Michael Schumacher is in a critical condition after being injured Sunday morning in a fall skiing in the Alps, southeast France, local channel BFM reported, citing the RMC Sport as the source.

The 44-year-old German F1 world champion suffered a cerebralhemorrhage and was in a "sever head coma" when he was tranferred to the University Hospital Center of Grenoble at the mid-day after the accident.

The hospital said in a statement that the German driver "required an immediate neurosurgical operation."

The tradgy occurred when Schumacher was skiing on a helmet in Meribel resort, he fell sharply and hit a rock with his head.

He was immediately transported by helicopter to hospital in Moutiers, Savoie, before being moved to the hospital in Grenoble.(Xinhua)