来源:BBC 2019-04-12

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BBC News.

Reports in the US media say President Trump's newly appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci has been removed from his post barely 10 days after he was given the job. The New York Times is quoting sources close to the decision, saying President Trump decided to remove Mr. Scaramucci at the request of John Kelly, who was sworn in as the White House Chief of Staff earlier.

Opposition activists in Venezuela have blocked roads across the capital Caracas, in protest against Sunday's controversial vote for a new constituent assembly. They are planning a march later to honor the 10 people killed on polling day.

Russia has threatened Poland with sanctions if it removes monuments glorifying the Soviet victory over Germany in the Second World War. Last month, Warsaw updated its de-communization legislation, banning territory symbols including Soviet propaganda monuments.

United Nations rights experts say there's an alarming rise in extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. They said they were shocked by the increasing attacks on indigenous groups, trade unionists, land rights leaders, and on children.

Fraud police in Malawi have issued an arrest warrant for the former President Joyce Banda over allegations of abuse of office and money laundering. They said the warrant related to the cashgate scandal.

US researchers have found that online searches about suicide spiked, in the weeks after the screening of a controversial drama earlier this year about a teenage girl who kills herself. The team said suicide related searches rose 19% more than expected after the screening.

Officials in Los Angeles say they have struck a deal to host the summer Olympic Games in 2028. It's a move that means Paris will almost certainly host the Games in 2024, exactly a century after it last staged them.

BBC News.