来源:未知 2019-03-28

The National Basketball Association announced that it will commence a lockout of its players, effective at 12:01 am ET on July 1, until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached with the National Basketball Players Association.

"The expiring collective bargaining agreement created a broken system that produced huge financial losses for our teams," said NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. "We need a sustainable business model that allows all 30 teams to be able to compete for a championship, fairly compensates our players, and provides teams, if well-managed, with an opportunity to be profitable."
"We have made several proposals to the union, including a deal targeting $2 billion annually as the players' share -- an average of approximately $5 million per player that could increase along with league revenue growth," said Silver. "Elements of our proposal would also better align players' pay with performance."
 “我们已经向球员工会提出了多套方案,其中包括每年高达20亿的球员收入份额,计算下来差不多每位球员的年薪为500万,同时联盟的收入也会随之增长。”席尔瓦说,“方案的原则同时也 希望进一步拉近球员表现及收入的关联。”
"We will continue to make every effort to reach a new agreement that is fair and in the best interests of our teams, our players, our fans, and our game."
“我们将会继续竭尽全力达成一份能够对球队、球员、球迷以及 我们的比赛都公平且有益处的合同。”席尔瓦说。
During the lockout, players will not receive their salaries; teams will not negotiate, sign or trade player contracts; players will not be able to use team facilities for any purpose; and teams will not conduct or facilitate any summer camps, exhibitions, practices, workouts, coaching sessions, or team meetings.