Lady Gaga提起诉讼,维护自己姓名权

来源:网络 2019-01-19

       Lady Gaga is suing a cosmetics and jewellery company for trying to use her name on its products.

The Grammy Award-winning pop star is suing Excite Worldwide LLC in New York.

The lawsuit says the company applied without her permission to trademark the names Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga LG for a make-up and jewellery range.

Excite Worldwide didn't respond to telephone messages at numbers listed for the company in Chicago and Henderson, Nevada.

Official merchandise

Lady Gaga is in the process of developing her own range of products.

The singer has registered her name for clothes, ringtones, her website and chat rooms and has trademark pending for hair, body and nail products.

The lawsuit says customers could be duped into thinking she's affiliated with Excite Worldwide's products. She's seeking unspecified damages.

This is not the first time Lady Gaga has taken action to protect her name.

In March she took legal action against an ice cream shop in London selling breast milk ice cream under the name Baby Gaga.

The controversial product has since been removed from sale due to hygiene reasons.


LadyGaga于本周一对Excite Worldwide公司提起商标侵权诉讼,指控该公司利用其名字销售化妆品和珠宝。据纽约州法院诉讼档案,Excite公司拒绝停止向美国专利商标局(U.S Patent and Trademarks Office)申请使用商标“Lady Gaga”及“Lady Gaga Fame”,这样一来阻碍了Gaga将自己名字注册为美容产品与珠宝的商标。

自周三起美国专利商标局已暂停ExciteGaga商标申请,但是为了让Gaga提出自己的申请以获取该商标,此暂停必会被取消。 “只要任何一个人走在我们前头——即使他已经奄奄一息,都会对我们造成阻碍。”Gaga的辩护律师,来自Pryor Cashman公司的律师Brad D.Rose解释道,Gaga意欲制止侵权并寻求因此带来的损害赔偿。