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Contemporary films fared poorly in BBC Cultures poll of the greatest US films: the most recent movie in the top ten is The Godfather: Part II, released 41 years ago. Only six films from the 21st Century made it into the top 100, chosen by critics from around the world.

Why is this? “Movie studios dont make ground-breaking films any more,” cultural critic Noah Gittell tells Tom Brook. “There are still ground-breaking films being made, but theyre independent films. While critics may be unanimous in their praise of some of these films, they dont impact society as a whole to the same degree that some of these older films do.”

A movies reach can help it move up the rankings. “If you look at the top ten movies, these are movies that for the most part impacted society all at once, collectively, and movies just dont do that any more,” says Gittell.

I think that critics really feel that time sanctifies, and that its only with the passage of some yearsmaybe even decadesthat we truly understand what constitutes a classic,” BBC Cultures deputy editor Christian Blauvelt believes.