Approaching University

来源: 2019-03-03


I hesitate, from the apprehension of the ridicule, when I approach the heated subject of my university life. By this word I do not mean the diversity, the unity, without hope or design, which generated in the spirit of university, and is interwoven with the society.

   I understand by this term the university, yet not a dream, but a mighty reality, in which offers you a glimpse of the higher life, gets you to the broader possibilities of humanity, and exposes yourself to the diversity of academic paradise. This is granted to the people like us, who, amid the rush and the roar of living, pauses four short years to learn what living really means to us.

   It took me totally a year to come to the very fact of what kind of life university possesses. I would rather put university as a salad bowl for its diversity in knowledge, unity in spirit. For me, it takes naught but itself. It possesses naught nor should it be possessed. Life in university is always sufficient onto itself.

   Its not a place of dull entertainment, vanity, clamor, but a library to foster an amicable atmosphere in academic research.