Old People

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At age ninety-two, Grandma Fritz still lived in her old two-story farmhouse, made homemade noodles, and did her laundry in her wringer-washer in the basement. She maintained her vegetable garden, big enough to feed all of Benton County, with just a hoe and spade. Her seventy-year-old children lovingly protested when she insisted on mowing her huge lawn with her ancient push mower.

I only work outside in the cool, early mornings and in the evenings,” Grandma explained, “and I always wear my sunbonnet.”

Still, her children were understandably relieved when they heard she was attending the noon lunches at the local senior citizens' center.

Yes, Grandma admitted, as her daughter nodded approvingly. “I cook for them. Those old people appreciate it so much!”