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The latest attempt by Republicans in the US Congress to fulfill a long-standing promise to scrap the healthcare system set up by Barrack Obama is on course to collapse. A plan by the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, to repeal Obamacare without an agreed replacement has been opposed by a number of Senators from his own party. Mr. McConnell said he still hoped there would be a vote in the very near future.

An official report detailing decades of sexual and physical abuse at a Roman Catholic choir school in Germany has accused staff of failing to protect hundreds of boys. Among those criticized is Georg Ratzinger, the brother of the former Pope, who ran the Regensburger choir for 30 years. The investigation found that more than 500 pupils were abused.

The United States has announced new economic sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile program, accusing it of undermining regional stability. Iran's Foreign Ministry described the sanctions as one-sided and illegal. It warned it would reciprocate by imposing its own sanctions on America.

Police in Saudi Arabia have detained a woman for questioning after she appeared in several videos walking in a short skirt through a historical site. The videos have caused controversy in Saudi Arabia, where an ultra-conservative dress code for women is enforced.

Reports from Afghanistan suggest the country's Vice-President General Abdul Rashid Dostum tried to fly back from Turkey on Monday but was denied permission to land. It's unclear who prevented his landing, but a source close to President Ashraf Ghani told BBC that General Dostum's return had caused suspicion because he wasn't coordinated with the central government.

And BBC Somali Services named its first Young Female Poet of the Year during celebrations to mark its 60th anniversary. Deeqa Nouh Yonis beat more than 100 others with her poem about Somali culture.

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