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Senior Russian and American officials are due to hold talks in Washington shortly, which are being seen as a test of President Trump's election promise to improve bilateral relations with Moscow. Russia is demanding the US hand back 2 diplomatic compounds, which the Obama administration shut down last year.

The outgoing head of the Government Ethics Agency in the US says President Trump's administration has made the country a virtual laughing stock by ignoring long-established guidelines. Walter Shaub told the New York Times that he made it hard for the US to tackle corruption overseas.

The Venezuelan opposition has called for a 24-hour general strike on Thursday in an intensification of its campaign against the government of Nicholas Maduro. The announcement was made a day after millions of Venezuelans took part in an unofficial referendum against Mr. Maduro's plans to rewrite the constitution.

Qatar has insisted the United Arab Emirates was behind a hacking attack on its news websites in May in violation of international law. The UAE has denied the allegations. The incident has been seen as contributing to the decision by some gulf states to boycott Qatar.

Sources in Mali say 8 soldiers who were ambushed by suspected jihadists earlier this month have been found dead. The attack took place in the north of the country.

A televised debate being held for Kenyan politicians hoping to become deputy president in next month's elections has attracted only one candidate. Muthiora Kariara, a political novice, answered questions on her own, as the main candidates boycotted the program.

Guatemala has extradited to Mexico the former governor of Veracruz state, Javier Duarte. He's charged with corruption and money laundering.

And business unions and schools in Catalonia have signed up to a pact to compress the traditionally long working day.

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