来源:BBC 2019-02-23

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Large numbers of Venezuelans around the world are voting in an unofficial referendum on government plans to create a new assembly with the power to change the constitution. The vote organized by the opposition follows months of political violence in Venezuela and a worsening economic crisis. President Nicholas Maduro has dismissed the referendum as meaningless.

The Pakistani military says it has launched a major offensive against Islamic State militants in the northwestern region next to the Afghan border. The government in Islamabad has long denied the presence of IS inside its territory despite a series of attacks claimed by the group.

The brother of President Hassan Rouhani of Iran has been arrested. Officials in Teheran said Hossein Fereydoun would continue to be detained because he had failed to provide bail money. It's unclear what charges he might face.

Iran has identified an American national who's been jailed for ten years for spying. He's a Princeton University researcher who has joined US Chinese-citizenship.

Thousands more people have fled their homes in western Canada in response to wild fires which have raged across the province of British Columbia for more than a week. Increased wind speeds have fanned the flames of over 160 separate blazes.

One person has been killed and about 30 policemen injured in Cairo in clashes between the security forces and residents of an island in the Nile. Police met resistance when they went to demolish buildings that were allegedly constructed illegally.

Roger Federer has become the first player to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon Tennis Championships for the 8th time. He beat Marin Cilic of Croatia in straight sets.

Here in Britain, a woman has been chosen for the first time to play the lead role in the BBC's long-running science fiction series DoctorWho. Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th doctor.

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