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President Trumps eldest son has published a chain of emails which show he was keen to accept an apparent offer from the Russian government to help his father's presidential campaign last year. Donald Trump Junior is promised official documents that would incriminate his father's rival Hillary Clinton.The email led to a meeting with a Russian Lawyer allegedly linked to the Kremlin.

The Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has warned of retaliatory measures against the United States if Washington does not return Moscow's diplomatic assets. Last December, the Obama administration shut down two Russian diplomatic compounds and sent home 35 Russian diplomats of allegations of meddlingin the US election.

The US senate is to have its August recess cut by two weeks. Making the announcement, the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the move was needed to pass important legislation including health care reform.

The US and Qatar have reached an agreement on efforts to combat the financing of terrorism. The accord was signed in Doha by the visiting US secretary of state Rex Tillerson at a time when Qatar is in a bitter dispute with its neighbors.

The Haitian government has launched a campaign to reestablish its army which was dissolved over 20 years ago. Critics say the island small budget should be spent on the national police force, about 15,000 officers.

The International Olympic Committee has approved bids from both Paris and Los Angeles to host future summer games after all the other cities in the running pulled out. They would be awarded either the 2024 or the 2028 games.

Dozens of temporary cricket grounds in Sri Lanka have complained they had to walk home in their underpants after three international matches or else miss out on being paid for six dayswork. The national cricket board apologized and promised compensation.

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