BBC英语新闻:德国G20峰会 特朗普与普京首次会晤

来源:BBC 2019-01-20

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BBC news with Debbie Russ.

Officials at the G20 Summit in Hamburg have been working overnight to try to bridge differences with the United States on trade and climate change. Negotiators are trying to draw up a final statement to support the Paris Climate Agreement despite President Trump's rejection of the accord. The host chancellor Merkel of Germany has admitted the discussions have been very difficult. Violent demonstrations against the G20 also continued late into the night.

President Trump and President Putin have discussed the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election during their first face to face meeting at the summit. The US secretary of state Rex Tillerson described the exchange as robust, but said it was not clear if the two countries would ever reach agreement on what happens. The most concrete agreement emerged from the meeting between President Trump and President Putin was the announcement of the ceasefire in southwestern Syria. Jordan, which was also involved in the deal, said it was come into force on Sunday along a lineagreed by the Syrian government and rebels.

Venezuela's Roman Catholic Church has criticized President Nicolas Maduro's decision to rewrite the constitution saying the plan will turn the country intoa military dictatorship.

At least two people have died in El Salvador in a fire that caused extensive damage to one of the buildings of the finance ministry. The authority say more than 20 people have been taking to local hospitals in the capital Sans Salvador to be treated for smoking inhalation and burn injuries.

The president of oil rich Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang says he intends to sue the pressure group Transparency International over an investigation into his family's substantial property assets in France. Mr. Obiang said property bought in France was money earned in Equatorial Guinea, could not be considered ill-gotten wealth.

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