来源:BBC 2019-02-03

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BBC news with Fiona MacDonald.

The South Korean military says North Korea has fired another ballistic missile off its east coast. There is no detail so far about the missile type. Japan has issued a strong protest. A short time earlier, China's Ambassador at the UN warned of disastrous consequences if tension between the world powers and North Korea was not eased.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has dismissed opposition moves to hold a nationwide poll on his plans for a constituent assembly to replace Congress just before the assembly vote. He called opposition leaders hypocrites attempting a coup.

Brazilian police have arrested a close ally of the country's President Michel Temer who's battling a corruption crisis. Geddel Vieira Limawas detained in a police operation investigating irregularities at a government-controlled bank.

President Trump has offered to help a dying British baby. The British Supreme Court has stopped being taken across the Atlantic for experimental treatment. He said the US would be delighted to assist ten-month-old Charlie Gard.

A US federal appeals court has said the Trump administration cannot suspend the rule on restricting the emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. It's the first major legal setback for Donald Trump's attemptsto rule back environmental regulations.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has launched the election manifesto of her center-right political alliance, aiming to a fourth-term inSeptember's poll. She promised lower taxes, more police and full employment by 2025.

A new study says women athletes born with high levels of themale hormone testosterone enjoy significant competitive advantage. The study is based on hundreds of blood samples. Later this month, the Court of Arbitration for Sport will give its final ruling on a ban on female competitors with high testosterone.