来源:BBC 2019-03-13

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BBC News with Marian Marshall.

President Trump has been accused of inciting attacks against journalists after he tweeted a spoof video of him assaulting a man with a CNN logo superimposed on his head. In the footage, Mr. Trump is showing slamming the CNN character to the ground and punching him repeatedly. The news channel said Mr. Trump was encouraging violence against journalists and his juvenile behavior was below the dignity of his office.

Twenty people have been killed in the Syrian capital Damascus by a car bomb that exploded just to the north of the old city. Syrian officials said the bomb was in one of 3 cars that had been pursued.

China's heavy duty carrier rocket has failed less than an hour after takeoff. State media said an anomaly had been detected during the flight of the Long March V. The rocket is a central part of the country's space ambitions.

Police in Indian say a woman who survived an alleged gang rape and suffered 4 separate acid attacks has had more of the corrosive liquid thrown over her. The latest assault occured at a women's hostel, even though the victim was supposed to have around-the-clock police protection.

China has accused the United States of stirring up trouble in the South China Sea following reports that a US warship sailed close to a disputed island that Beijing claims. Washington doesn't recognize the tiny Triton Island in the Paracel Archipelago as Chinese. It's also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

The British government says the cladding on 181 high rise buildings has failed the fire safety tests that were ordered following the Grenfell tower block fire in London last month. At least 80 people died in the blaze.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has condemned a newspaper colonist for going too far and extolling his virtues by invoking attributes reserved for praising God. The newspaper has published an apology to the King, showering further praise on him.

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