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The European Commission has fined Google 2.7 billion dollars for breaking competition rules. It says Google's own shopping service has given unfair prominence on the search engine. The EU has been investigating Google since 2010 saying it abuses its market dominance. Google says it disagrees with the ruling.

A colonel in Ukraine's military intelligence service has been killed by a bomb under his car as he was driving through Kiev. The Interior Ministry called it a terrorist act. Analysts say the bombing is likely to be connected to the Russian backed insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

The trial of 5 Chechen men accused of murdering the prominent Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov is entering its final phase. The 5 men are accused of plotting to kill Mr. Nemtsov for cash, but his family believes he was murdered because of his fierce criticism of President Putin.

A Dutch appeals court has upheld the ruling in the Netherlands, which is in part legally liable over the murder of more than 300 Muslim men and boys, who were among the thousands of Muslims massacred by Bosnian Serbs at Srebrenica in July 1995.

China has accused Indian border guards of encroaching into its territory and crossing a high Himalayan path into Tibet. There's been no official response from Delhi. But earlier this month, India said Chinese troops had crossed into its territory.

Taiwan's Parliament has agreed to cut the pensions of civil servants, an issue that has led to anger and protest across the island. The government says it can no longer afford to pay previously agreed commitments because of a falling birth rate.

A woman, who used to support the French far-right National Front, is going on trial for helping to smuggle her migrant lover to Britain in a case that's already spawned in best-selling book. Her lawyer wants the case dismissed. He says Beatrice Huret is a humanitarian and not a smuggler.

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