来源:BBC 2019-03-10

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BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

Local officials say about a hundred people have been killed in the latest outbreak of religious violence in the eastern town of Bria in the Central African Republic. Dozens more are being treated mainly for gunshot wounds. The fighting began on Tuesday just hours after the government signed a peace agreement with rebel groups.

A senior official from the US Department of Homeland Security has told Congress it has evidence that Russian hackers targeted election systems in at least 21 states in last year's presidential election. Jeanette Manfra said that she still had confidence in the overall integrity of US electoral systems.

Saudi Arabia's new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has met the man he has suddenly replaced, his cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. Mohammed bin Salman has been directing Saudi Arabia's sweeping economic reform program and overseeing its controversial war in Yemen.

The American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Defense Secretary James Mattis are meeting their Chinese counterparts in Washington. The State Department said the talks would focus on the ways to increase pressure on North Korea, but would also cover territorial rivalries in the South China Sea.

The French centrist leader Francois Bayrou has pledged his continued support for President Macron despite resigning as Justice Minister. Mr. Bayrou's MoDem Party is under investigation for alleged misuse of EU funds. Three MoDem ministers have now resigned and Mr. Macron is expected to announce a new cabinet in the coming hours.

A court in the Nigerian city of Lagos has ruled that the state authorities acted unconstitutionally when they evicted up to 30,000 people from a waterfront district. Lagos state has been accused of clearing people from informal waterside settlements to secure the land for redevelopment.

South Korea has suggested the North could host some events of next year's Winter Olympic Games, which open next February in Pyeongchang. Analysts say the move could be an attempt to revive the sunshine policy which encouraged closer dialogue between North and South Korea.