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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Thousands of Palestinian refugees have been forced to flee from their camp in Syria, which has been hit by heavy fire from government forces bombarding the port city of Latakia. Reports said dozens of others have been injured. A United Nations spokesman, Christopher Gunness, told the BBC that at least four Palestinians have been killed. He said his staff in the camp needed urgent humanitarian assistance for those remaining.

"We have reports that more than half of the camp - the camp is home to 10,000 Palestinian refugees - more than half of them have fled. Some were told to leave by the Syrians; others simply fled. We have no idea where these people are. We have no idea what kind of medical attention they need, which is why we are calling on the Syrian authorities to give us expeditious access. We need to get in there to assess the need to see what people are suffering, and we need thereafter to take in urgently needed humanitarian supplies."

Turkey has warned Syria to end immediately and unconditionally the use of force against anti-government demonstrators. The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the continued attacks on civilians could not be excused. He said this was Ankara's final word and that unless the violence ceased, Turkey would break off all dialogue.

The judge at the trial of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has ruled that future proceedings will not be televised. Judge Ahmed Rifaat said his decision was made in the public interest, but he didn't elaborate. Mr Mubarak, who appeared in court in Cairo for a second time, is charged with ordering the deaths of hundreds of protesters in the uprising. The BBC's Jeremy Bowen has more details.

The trial of former President Mubarak and his two sons is a big test for the new Egypt. Once again, the omens weren't good with the trial judge struggling to bring order to what had become judicial chaos. The judge complained about the noise being made by more than 100 lawyers, telling them to sit down and to show some respect. He's banned any more TV coverage of the trial in what seems to be an attempt to make it less of a circus. The pictures, though, have electrified millions in the Arab world, who thought they'd never see one of the region's strong men so humbled and humiliated.

The Internet giant Google has made its first significant move into hardware by announcing that it's to buy the American mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility. Rory Cellan-Jones has the details.

Google's Android operating system powers more smartphones than any other software. Now with the acquisition of Motorola, it will be able to make its own phones and tablet computers just like its great rival Apple, which has found that controlling everything from hardware to software to shops is the route to huge profits. But what may be more important to Google is the 17,000 patents that Motorola has accumulated over the years. With just about every major player in the industry suing each other at the moment, patents have become an important weapon in the battle for smartphone supremacy.

World News from the BBC

The Netherlands has unfrozen $143m in seized Libyan assets and given the funds to the World Health Organisation. A spokesman for the Dutch government said the funds would be used to provide medicines and surgical equipment in areas held by rebels fighting Colonel Gaddafi's forces.

Police in Nigeria have shot dead a suspected suicide bomber as he drove a car packed with explosives into the police headquarters in the northeastern city of Maiduguri. They say the Islamist sect Boko Haram, which wants to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria, was behind the attack. Mary Harper reports.

The police said they found large quantities of gunpowder and several cans of petrol in the vehicle, enough to cause a massive explosion right at the heart of police operations in Maiduguri. They've blamed Boko Haram, a radical Islamist sect that has for the last two years carried out numerous attacks mainly in northern Nigeria. For its side, the army is investigating alleged abuses of civilians and unlawful killings by soldiers involved in what's proving to be a long and difficult fight against Boko Haram.

President Obama has set off on a bus tour of Midwestern states to try to regain the political initiative after weeks of bad economic news and repeated attacks by Republican opponents. He's visiting Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa to spur his supporters in three states he took in the last presidential election, and can ill afford to lose next year.

Hundreds of Amazonian Indians in Bolivia have begun a long march in protest at the construction of a road through a pristine rainforest reserve. The activists say the highway, funded by Brazil, will encourage illegal settlement and deforestation in the Isiboro Secure National Park, which is home to several isolated tribes. The protest is an embarrassment for Bolivia's President Evo Morales, who's a prominent advocate of indigenous rights and the protection of what he calls Mother Earth.

BBC News

叙利亚政府力量轰炸港口城市拉塔基亚,击中叙利亚巴勒斯坦难民营,数千名难民被迫逃离叙利亚。报道称,轰炸造成几十名难民受伤。联合国一名发言人Christopher Gunness告诉BBC,至少4名巴勒斯坦人遇难。他说,驻难民营联合国工作人员迫切需要人道主义救援来帮助仍然留在营地的难民。


土耳其警告叙利亚立即无条件地停止对反政府示威者使用暴力。土耳其外交部长达乌特奥卢(Ahmet Davutolu)表示,对平民的持续袭击是没有任何借口的。他说,这是安卡拉的最后立场,除非暴力停止,否则土耳其将停止一切对话。

对埃及前总统穆巴拉克进行审判的法官裁决,未来的司法进程不会在电视上播出。Ahmed Rifaat法官表示,他做出该决定是为了公共利益,但是他没有做出详细说明。第二次在开罗出庭的穆巴拉克被控告下令杀害数百名抗议者。BBC记者Jeremy Bowen报道更详细内容。


互联网巨头谷歌宣布收购美国手机制造商摩托罗拉移动,向硬件方向迈出了重要的一步。Rory Cellan-Jones报道详细内容。




一名自杀式爆炸嫌疑人驾驶一辆装有炸药的汽车进入东北部城市迈杜古里警察总部时被警方击毙。警方表示,这起袭击由试图在尼日利亚境内建立伊斯兰国家的伊斯兰宗教团体Boko Haram实施。Mary Harper报道。

警方表示,他们在车内发现了大量火药和几桶汽油,足够在迈杜古里警察总部造成巨大爆炸。他们谴责该阴谋的幕后主使是伊斯兰激进宗教团体Boko Haram,该组织过去两年在尼日利亚北部实施了多次袭击。军队也正在调查在打击Boko Haram的艰难漫长的战争中士兵虐待平民和非法杀人的行为。


玻利维亚数百名亚马逊印第安人举行游行活动,抗议穿过原始雨林居留地建设道路的行为。活动积极分子表示,由巴西提供资金的这条高速公路将鼓励非法居住和Isiboro Secure国家公园的沙漠化。这个公园是几个独立的部落的家园。这次抗议活动对玻利维亚总统莫拉莱斯(Evo Morales)来说非常尴尬。因为他一直倡导捍卫土著人的权利,保护地球母亲。



1.bombard vt.炮击, 轰炸, 攻击

例句:Cannons bombarded enemy lines.

2.expeditious adj.迅速而有效率的,迅速完成的

例句:They are almost as expeditious and effectual as Aladdins lamp.

3.thereafter adv.此后; 在那之后;之后;以后

例句:Thereafter they did not speak.

4.unconditionally adv.无条件地

5.proceeding n.进程, 过程, 议程

例句:The proceedings were interrupted.

诉讼, 诉讼程序

例句:She started proceedings against her husband for divorce.

6.elaborate vi.详尽说明

例句:You understand the situation; I needn't elaborate any further.
      你对情况是了解的, 我不必再进一步详谈了。

7.electrify v.使兴奋

例句:The wonderful performance electrified audiences.

8.acquisition n.获得, 得到

例句:The children progressed in the acquisition of basic skills.

9.supremacy n.至高, 无上;最高权力

例句:factions fighting for supremacy within the Church

      the battle for supremacy in the world economic markets