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French police have shot and wounded a man who attacked an officer with a hammer near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in what's being treated as a terrorist incident. The French Interior Minister said the attacker shoutedThis is for Syria!” during the assault. About 900 people have now left Notre Dame. They'd been kept inside while police carried out a search.

President Trump has strongly sided with Saudi Arabia in the escalating crisis over Qatar. The country has been isolated by the Saudis and several other Arab states over its alleged funding of extremists. Mr. Trump tweeted that this move could be the beginning of the end for the horror of terrorism.

U.S.-backed fighters in Syria have, for the first time, entered the outskirts of Raqqa, the stronghold of Islamic State militants. The Kurdish-led SDF has launched attacks to the east and west of the city, backed by heavy airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition. The SDF says it's the final phase of their campaign to drive IS out of Raqqa.

The International Rescue Committee says millions of children in East Africa and Yemen are at risk of dying from cholera and other preventable waterborne diseases. Cases in South Sudan and Yemen doubled in May, with the worst-hit country suffering conflict as well as drought.

Brazil's top electoral court is due to meet shortly to decide whether or not to annul the 2014 elections over alleged illegal campaign financing. It's the latest chapter in the saga of Brazilian politics, which, last year, saw the impeachment of the former President, Dilma Rousseff.

The Saudi business tycoon, Adnan Khashoggi, who became one of the world's richest men in the 1970s and 80s by brokering international arms deals has died in London. He was 82. Adnan Khashoggi was linked to a series of scandals, including the Iran-Contra Affair, but never convicted of wrongdoing.

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