BBC英语新闻:爱尔兰最年轻总理或将诞生 同时他也是一名同性恋

来源:BBC 2019-01-31

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Countries, rich and poor have been lambasting the decision by President Trump to pull the United States out of the global agreement on combating climate change. The group of the worlds 48 least developed countries says they were deeply disappointed. The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt has said exiting the Paris Accord does not mean disengagement. At the White House Press briefing, he said it was up to other world leaders to decide whether they would sit down and re-negotiate a new deal.

President Putin has called allegations that Russia helped Donald Trump win the White House, harmful charter and flatly denied that there had been a secret deal between Moscow and the President before his inauguration. He said continued speculation over the matter was damaging international relations.

The new leader of the biggest party in Irelands coalition government Fine Gael is Leo Varadkar, the son of an Indian immigrant and Irelands first openly-gay administer. Aged 38, he is said to become Irelands youngest Prime Minister.

DNA test would be conducted on the belongings of a dead doctor, who may have fathered as many as 60 children at his fertility clinic in the Netherlands. The group of children conceived in the clinic suspected Jan Karbaat wrongfully used his own sperm in IVF treatment.

A judge in Chile has sentenced more than 100 former secret agents and military men for human rights abuses commited during the rule of General Augusto Pinochet. The agents were sentenced between 1.5 and 20 years in jail, over the kidnapping and murder of 16 people in the middle 1970s.

And the Rhein Museum in Amsterdam has permitted a man to spend the night alone under the watchful eye of militia men in Rembrandt's famous painting, theNight Watch”. Stefan Kasper, a Dutch school teacher was awarded the experience for becoming the Museums ten-millionth visitor.

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