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US media reports say President Trump is about to make good on his campaign promise and announce the plan to withdraw the United States from Paris Agreement on combating climate change. His opponents say quitting will be an abdication of American leadership on a pressing international challenge. And the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made a last-minute appeal to the president not to break the commitment.

Government has stopped hotel and entertainment places in the Philippians capital Manila. Witnesses spoke of several gunmen wearing masks and black clothes shooting at guests at a hotel in Resorts World close to Manila airport. There were reports that people jumping from second floor trying to escape the bullets. The fire service has also reported a blaze on that floor. The army said the police was in control of the situation. There were so far no confirmed figures for casualties. IS said it was behind the attack.

The former FBI director James Comey will be testified next Thursday, before a US congressional panel investigating allegations of Russian interference in last years presidential election. Mr. Comey who was fired by the president last month, is expected to confirm that he come under pressure from Mr. Trump to drop the FBI investigation into his then national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The US has blacklisted 9 companies or government institutions and three people for their support of North Koreas weapons program. The measure freezed any funds the individual or companies may have in the United States, and banned Americans from dealing with them. Two Russian firms are among those sanctioned.

The former Austrian foreign minister Alois Mock has died aged 82. He made headlines in the summer of 1989 when, with his Hungarian counterpart, he cut through the border fence between the two countries, one of the first cracks in the iron curtain. It marked the beginning of the fall of communism.

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