来源:BBC 2019-01-19

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The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, has described the bomb attack, which killed ninety people in the capital, Kabul, as a crime against humanity. A BBC driver, Mohammed Nazir, is among the dead. Afghanistan's intelligence service suggested a militant group affiliated to the Taliban carried out the attack. The Taliban has denied involvement.

President Trump has said he will make a decision very soon on whether the U.S. should withdraw from the Paris climate deal. Pulling out of the accord had been one of his key campaign pledges.

The Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, has been given a red carpet welcome in Berlin by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Climate change and trade were expected to dominate the discussions.

The parent company of the world's biggest meat packing firm has agreed to pay a fine of 3.2 billion dollars to the Brazilian government for its role in a huge corruption scandal. The fine against J&F is said to be the biggest in Brazilian history.

NASA has unveiled daring plans to fly a probe directly into the atmosphere of the sun in the closest-ever visit to the star. The Parker Solar Probe would be exposed to more heat and radiation than any spacecraft it had built. It will be launched next year.

Russia is expelling five Moldovan diplomats in retaliation for Moldova expelling the same number of its diplomatic staff on Monday. The expulsions come at a time of heightened tensions between Moldova's pro-European governing party and the pro-Russian president.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a military commander in Ghana. It's alleged that local residents mistook him for an armed robber and stoned him to death on Monday.

Lebanon has banned the new Hollywood film, Wonder Woman, because its star, Gal Gadot, is an Israeli, who served in her country's Army. The film was due to have had its Lebanese premier in Beirut tonight.

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