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President Trump's son-in-law and the senior White House advisor Jared Kushner is reported to be under scrutiny by the FBI inquiry into alleged Russian interference in last year's US election. American media reports say the investigators believe Mr. Kushner may have significant information but this does not necessarily mean he's suspected of a crime.

The heads of governments of seven of the world's leading economies, the G7, begin a two-day summit in Sicilia today. The gathering will be President Trump's first G7 and form the last leg of his world tour.

Police investigating the Manchester suicide bombing have decided to resume the sharing of intelligence information with their US counterparts. Cooperation was temporarily suspended after details of the investigation were leaked to US media.

Indigenous leaders from across Australia have rejected a bid for recognition in the country's constitution, deciding instead to push for representation in parliament. The delegates were widely expected to push for constitutional change, but the group decided that more radical reforms were needed to attain more self-determination. After a three day meeting, they call for the formation of a new national body to represent the interests of indigenous people in Australia.

Thirty-three people are expected to appear in court in Tunisia later to face charges over a deadly shooting in 2015. A gunman shot dead dozens of tourists in the beach resort in Sousse.

The Tanzania-based African Court of Human Rights is expected to deliver a key verdict in a land rights case. The ruling may force the Ogiek's tribe to leave ancestral lands in Kenya's Rift valley.

Workers in Bangladesh have removed a controversial statue of the Great Goddess of Justice from Supreme Court in Dhaka. Some Islamic groups have given the government the deadline of today to uproot the statue. They said it was anti-Islamic.

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