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A leading US Democrat says Donald Trump should allow a fully independent inquiry into allegations of Russian meddling in the presidential election if hes got nothing to hide. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said this would remove all doubt about whether there had been a coverup. A special prosecutor has been appointed, but Nancy Pelosi said she was worried about how much freedom he would be given.

US-led coalition aircraft operating over Syria had attacked a convoy carrying pro-government militia forces. The militia men are said to have been moving towards a towns airbase on Syrias border with Iraq and Jordan. Elite US forces operated from the remote base in support of Syria opposition fighters in the area.

A senior UN official has sounded a warning about bombs hidden in laptop computers. Jean-Paul Laborde said it was a question ofwhen, not ifterrorists will use them on aircraft.

The Brazilian President Michel Temer who is facing a corruption investigation has insisted he will not resign. In a TV broadcast, Mr. Temer also denied allegations that he authorized bribes to silence a witness on corruption. He became President of Brazil last year after his predecessor Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

A driver has plowed into pedestrians in Times Square in New York, killing one person and injuring more than 20 others. Witnesses say his car sped up mount the pavement and finished upon 2 wheels.

The EUs Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini says a new office to oversee military training missions in three African countries, Somalia, Mali, and Central African Republic could end up running in Brussels within days. 28 member states have given their approval.

And Football Association in England says they will introduce retrospective bans for any players who dive or feign injury during a match. The new rule will be applied across English football from next season wheter there is a clear evidence.

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