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The senior US republican Paul Ryan has warned against any rush to judgment as Donald Trump faces what his critics say are the most serious allegations to present to his presidency. The President was accused of trying to get the former head of FBI James Comey to drop an investigation into reported links between a senior member of his administration and the Russians.

The US has decided not to re-impose sanctions on Irans nuclear program. This is despite President Trumps bitter criticism of the deal of president Obama struck under which the Iranians agreed to curb their nuclear activities.

The New French President Emmanuel Macron has said he was getting into work immediately with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk on overhauling the EU. Mr. Macron was speaking alongside Mr. Tusk before the two men began talks over dinner. Mr. Tusk said that millions of Europeans saw President Mr. Macrons victory as a sign of hope.

Hungary is facing a too prompted campaign from the European Union to drop new laws restricting asylum seekers and nongovernmental organizations. The European commission has written a letter warning Hungary that it has been breaking European laws since March by automatically detaining asylum seekers.

Italy has been taken to court over its failing to clean up or close down 44 landfill sites that poses serious risks to human health. The European Commission said Italy should have brought dump sites up to standard nearly 8 years ago. The Naples Mafia has been accused of making billions of dollars a year from burying toxic and industrial waste on agricultural and housing land.

The Columbian government and the country's second largest armed group, the national liberation armies have resumed talks in Ecuador aimed at reducing every days violence as they negotiate a peace deal. Columbia signed a deal with the countrys largest rebel group, the FARC in November after 5 years of negotiations.

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