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Italys Highest Court has upheld the 16-years jail sentence imposed on the cruise ship captain, Francesco Schettino. The decision put Schettino behind bars more than 5 years after he steered the Costa Concordia onto rocks off the Italian island of Giglio. 32 people on board died when the ship capsized.

Cyberattacks have been reported on organizations in more than 17 countries, including Britain, Russia, the United States and China.Computers in thousands of locations have been locked by a ransomware program that demands payment to restore usage access. Many security researchers are linking the incidents together.Britains national heath service said the attack forced some surgeries to divert emergencies.

President Trump has warned the former FBI chief James Comey against leaking material to the media following his sacking this week. In the twit, Mr Trump saidMr Comey had better hope there are no tapes of our conversations.” A white house spokesman later declined a comment about whether Mr Trump has been recording conversations in the oval office.

Candidates in Irans presidential election have clashed in a sometimes bad tempered final television debate ahead of next weeks vote. One challenger, the man of Tehran, accused the incumbent Hassan Rouhani of lying about wanting to fight corruption. President Rouhani accused his opponent of hypocrisy.

Soldiers angry over the handling of a pay dispute have been firing into the air at military bases across ivory coast. The soldiers werent consulted before a spokesman announced that it dropped the demand for the payment of bonuses.

The Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro has sacked his health minister after she released official figures showing a sharp rise in child mortality and maternal death over the past two years. Venezuela is facing a serious economic crisis and a shortage of many items.

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