BBC英语新闻:美国改口风 欲外交手段解决朝鲜核问题

来源:BBC 2019-03-26

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BBC News with Justin Greene.

President Trump has again warned that a major conflict could break out with North Korea over its nuclear missile program. He said he will prefer a diplomatic outcome to that dispute, but that will be very difficult to achieve. Earlier, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said China and its toughest rival yet had warned North Korea towards expected sanctions if it carries out another nuclear missile test. North Korea has responded to the mounting pressure with a propaganda video showing a similated attack on the United States. The video features the White House and an aircraft carrier targeted by crossheads that ends with a capital building exploding in flames.

Lower House of Parliament in Germany has voted to ban public servants from wearing the full Islamic face veil while on duty. The bill will now go to the Upper House for approval. Right-wing party has been pushing for total ban in public places as it is the case in France.

Macedonian police have used stun grenades inside Parliament to end chaotic things which erupted over after vote to elect an ethnic Albanian as speaker. Protesters storming the chamber fame moves to approve the state about Albanians threatened Macedonian Unity.

The Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles says that early general elections are the only way to put an end to the countrys political crisis which has claimed nearly 30 lives in the past month. He accused President Nicolas Madura of inflictingsavage repressionand said he wouldnt be able to remain in power for much longer.

Facebook says it is stepping up its security to counter efforts by governments and other actors used social media network to spread misinformation or manipulate public opinion. During the US presidential election campaign, it said fake Facebook accounts had been used to spread false news and hacked information for political aims.

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