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 Fake TIME Magazine Covers Hang at Trump Golf Courses 

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Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold followed Donald Trump throughout the 2016 presidential election campaign.
He wrote about then-candidate Trumps promises to give money to charity. He reported that Trumps own organization donated very little money over the years.
He also reported on an old recording in which Trump is heard talking about touching women without their permission.
Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer Prize this year for his reporting on Trump. The yearly prize honors journalists who do great work.
This week, Fahrenthold reported on another Trump-related issue for the Post. He wrote about a framed TIME magazine cover that hangs on the walls at some of Trumps golf courses in the United States, Ireland and Scotland. The cover features a photo of Donald Trump himself. It is dated March 1, 2009. The cover says Trumps television show, “The Apprentice,” is a big success.
But, there is one problem. TIME was not published on that date.
The real TIME magazine cover closest to that date came out on March 2, 2009. It has a picture of British actress Kate Winslet.
Traditionally, TIME magazine covers have a red border with a thin white line surrounding the cover photo
The version hanging at Trumps golf courses is different.
Staff members who work for the president at the White House and those who run the golf courses did not respond to the Washington Posts questions about the fake magazine cover.
TIME said it has asked Trumps business, known as the Trump Organization, to take down the fake magazine covers.
TIME named Trump its 2016 Person of the Year. He was on the magazines cover at the end of last year.
Many people on social media reacted to the story. They used photo-editing software and made their own versions of magazine covers featuring themselves -- and even their cats. One politician made up his own TIME cover.
Some also remembered a scene from the 1998 movie, “The Big Lebowski.” In the film, the main character looks into a mirror that looks like a TIME magazine cover
Trump tweeted about the Washington Posts story on Wednesday, calling the newspaperfake news.”
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