BBC英语新闻:朝鲜庆祝金日成诞辰太阳节 CIA监控全球银行资金往来

来源:BBC 2019-01-23

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Tens of thousands of North Korean soldiers and civilians are taking part in celebrations to mark the anniversary on Saturday of the birth of the countrys founder Kim Il Sung. Along with the traditional parade of missile launches and other military hardware, there are speculations the current leader Kim Jong-un could order another nuclear test.

A judge in the Arkansas has blocked the American state from using one of the three drugs that was to be injected in an unprecedented series of executions. The suppliers of the muscle relaxing agent had argued that it had been sold to the present system on the understanding it would be used solely for medical purposes.

The Trump Administration will not make public the white house visit logs, the records, the detail whos visited the President and his staff.The White House said the records would be kept secret for at least five years after President Trump leaves office citing national security risks and privacy concerns. Barack Obama voluntarily has closed the details of 6 million visits.

Testimony released by the Brazilian Supreme Court alleges that builders and politicians illegally profited from the construction of many of the stadiums used in the 2014 football world cup. Executives at Odebrechet,the countrys biggest construction firm, have said kickbacks were regularly paid.

Computer hackers in the United States have released files indicating that the countrys intelligent services have been monitoring global bank transfers. The files suggested the national security agency was able to penetrate the international bank messaging system known as SWIFT.

And the ride-hailing service Uber has posted a loss of 2.8 billion dollars for 2016 despite the sharp rises in both its revenue and business. The US based company doubled its bookings last year and its net revenue grew by 6.5 billion dollars.

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