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Iraqi forces say that one of the highest religious authorities in Islamic State Group has been killed in Mosul. An Iraqi commander said Abdullah al-Badrani, also known as Abu Ayoub al-Atar died in an air strike by the US-led coalition on Thursday. Badrani is thought to be a key member of IS in Mosul.

China has warned against increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula,saying there was a feeling a conflict could break out at any time. Washington has threatened to take unilateral action against Pyongyang's nuclear program.The North said it will respond mercilessly to what it called US provocation.

American's top military commander in Afghanistan says the decision to drop a powerful bomb on Islamic State militants was based purely on tactical considerations. General John Nicholson said the US armed force's most powerful non-nuclear bomb had been the right weapon. IS has denied suffering casulties.

Several thousand people have been evacuated from four beseiged towns in Syria. They are the first of up to 30 thousands people due to be moved. Inhabitants from two government held towns in opposition territory in the province of Idlib arrived near the city of Aleppo. A similar operation took place in two rebel-held towns west of Damascus.

At least 6 people were killed and 10 injuired when part of a huge rubbish dump collapsed onto about 40 homes on Sri Lankan capital Colombo. Troops and emergency workers are digging through rotten gabbage and searching for anyone trapped by the 19 meter high mound of rubbish.

German media are reporting that a study commissioned by investigators has flagged up significant doubt that letters found in the aftermath of Tuesday's bombing of a German football team's bus were written by radical Islamists. They have said political extreamists or violent football fans could also be responsible for the attack on the Borussia Dortmund bus.

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