VOA慢速英语[娱乐报道] 川普Twitter上造新字 “covfefe” 引网友热议

来源:VOA 2019-03-26




Social Media Rushes to Define Trumps 'Covfefe' Tweet 

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Donald Trump sent out one of his most popular tweets as president just after midnight on Wednesday. It was not about jobs orfake news.”
It was aboutconstant negative press covfefe.”
It was retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times before he deleted it around 6:00 in the morning.
Suddenly, social media was filled with people wondering how to pronounce the word. And others tried to figure out what it meant.
Some people thought President Trump was in the middle of writing a message and sent it by accident.
Later on Wednesday morning, Trump wrote: “Who can figure out the true meaning ofcovfefe”??? Enjoy!” 
The dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster has been known to correct Trumps misspellings and mis-use of words on Twitter. With this latestcovfefe,” someone who writes tweets for the dictionary publisher wrote: “Wakes up. Checks TwitterUhRegrets checking Twitter. Goes back to bed.”
Based on the context, many thought it should have beencoverage,” instead ofcovfefe.”
But that did not stop people from teasing Trump about the tweet.
The New York Times opinion writer Charles M. Blow wrote: “And just before you serve it, you hit it with a dash of #Covfefe.”
Blow included a video that appears to show Trump adding a dash of salt to food
Other people thoughtcovfefemight be a good replacement for product names. One person wroteDont talk to me before my morningcovfefe.’”
Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian who writes jokes for a living, was sad aboutcovfefe.” He wrote: “Ill never write anything funnier than #covfefe.”
Some people replaced words from famous songs with the new wordcovfefe.”
Others created new Twitter profiles with the wordcovfefe,” including those of a fictional wizard and warrior. The two got into a Twitter battle with each other, each saying they were the onessummonedby Trumps tweet.
And thats Whats Trending Today.
Im Dan Friedell.
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